Monday’s Child

Good morning!

Boy, politics sure is constant isn’t it? Good thing we can retreat into our own interests sometimes to recuperate before the next foray into the comments section… (Never read the comments.)

Before diving headlong into the more serious itinerarial points, here’s something nice to look at:


For those of you who don’t know (i.e me circa 3 months ago) Kimi No Na Wa (“Your Name”) is kind of a big deal. It’s the second largest grossing film in Japan, behind Spirited Away, and the fourth largest in the world after Titanic and Frozen. So I’m late to the party as usual.

Regardless, this piece does all kinds of justice to the film, from the pacing implications made by the sparks, to the mystery hinted at by the bright white central focal point and dumbfounded expression seen in the subjects, to the fact the ‘explosion’ is seemingly occurring both behind and in front of them (they’re looking back, but the blast lines cross in front of their bodies). The pastel, lo-res style indicates this is not a hugely complex narrative, whilst the vivid colours and aforementioned sparks let you know whats up in broad strokes. It does a great job of showing newcomers just enough flesh to pique interest, while providing a sweet injection of nostalgiacaine to those in the know. I love it. go watch it, and go check out TATO‘s tumblr for more great art, from overwatch to pikachus with guns.

I spent the last few weeks catching up with podcasts and authors I’d missed recently, including the stellar Reply All channel (This one sticks out as a highlight that every twentysomething I know would benefit from hearing) As well as 99PI and MBMBaM, but for now, I want to talk about something that jumped out from the two-part story by Reply All where the staff were investigating a hacked Uber account) called, rather attractively:

  • Credential Stuffing, (CS), a cyber attack method used primarily to snake your deets and access your personals.

Simply put, CS revolves around the reality that most internet users recycle passwords, either for convenience’s sake or through the fairly lowkey marriage of naivety and laziness that many of us are attending. This security weakness means that, if any of the sites for which you use a password is compromised, your information for all other sites is compromised. The connecting thread between your M&S account, your Reddit credentials and your Tumblr may well be the same details that leaked to the darkweb after Yahoo was hit

Think about it like having the same key for every door in your life. If someone cracks the lock anywhere, they know how to open every door, closet and safe you have. A great resource mentioned in the Reply All episode was Have I Been Pwned? which throws your email or username up against a collected list of publicly available breaches, to see if someone’s worked out how to open your lock. (Turned out the email i specifically used for MySpace had been hacked, which… I think I’m okay with?)

Anyway, after listening to the podcast and checking your details you may want to look into some better security for your shit. I went with LastPass, a service that generates random passwords then remembers them for you, meaning A) you don’t have to try and create a method of loci-style story for 16 digits plucked from an AI’s hat, and B) you can have different passwords for everything, meaning if Nando’s gets hacked and your free half-chicken’s worth of loyalty points is compromised you don’t have to worry about your credit card floating into the abyss.

There’s no book excerpt this time round, since I’m working on a review of Peter Singer’s Ethics in the Real World: 82 Brief Essays on Things That Mattewhich will be going up next week on the podcast, hopefully. Keep your ears peeled.

  • The song for this week is from a band plucked straight from the Indie Playlist torrents I used to download in an attempt to have depth as a teenager. Luckily, there were some fabulous songs nestled between Smiths ripoffs and new age Bob Dylan-styled wailers. One such belter is this, by Miracles of Modern Science:

From the repeating riff, flashy yet boiling down fairly quickly, to the aggressive double bass thuds around 2 minutes in (instantly calling to mind the time a few of us were let loose in the upper floor of the school’s music hall unattended, with free range on the uncased instruments) to the Reich-esque phase shifting at the song’s breakdown ending, to even the samples of educational material describing the wonders of science- all of it, every note reminds me of school.

That’ll be doing it for us this time, the next post is set to include such divisive topics as “humour in deadlift technique tutorial videos” and “Da Vinci was pretty good wasn’t he? see? look!”

Have a good one.



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